Autism Recovery Center

We draw information and inspiration from the fact that autistic children are treatable by systematic means that address the need to restore dysregulated biochemical and immunological processes to the virtuous pathways from which they descend. We believe that autism is also preventable by paying greater attention to environmental issues and parental health. We endorse Dr. Bernard Rimland’s position of trying to disregard our egos and remembering that most of the important elements in our understanding of the treatment options for autistic individuals have come from listening to parents. 

Dr. Lisa Hannifin embraces the Defeat Autism Now!® Philosophy.  Her approach is based on paying careful attention to the unique symptoms, history, examinations and data of each child. She offers a process of choosing various options for biomedical intervention. Autism and related problems reflect dysfunction of the neural, metabolic, immune and/or digestive systems in individuals genetically predisposed to such problems as sub-optimal nutrition, food intolerances, microbial overgrowth, metabolic abnormalities, immune dysregulation and reduced ability to eliminate toxins. 

People with autism spectrum disorders have difficulty processing sensory, perceptual, cognitive, biochemical and immunologic messages and have faulty mechanisms for regulating, organizing, expressing, processing and detoxifying various inputs. 

Appropriate treatment involves identifying and alleviating the problems causing symptoms in a particular individual, rather than attempting to suppress symptoms through the use of psychoactive drugs. Dr. Hannifin's focus is on balance in the individual emphasizing two questions:  

Does the patient have a special unmet need that would advance healing if it were met? Does he or she have a special need to avoid or get rid of toxins, allergens or metabolic by-products? 

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The answers to these questions come by a careful sequential process in which the patient and parents are recognized as the experts who, by his or her history, physical examinations, lab results and responses to therapy, helps the Doctor choose the best options for each diagnostic and therapeutic step. With our patients and their parents, we conduct collaborative conversations with an abiding respect for the intelligence and intuition of parents and their children. We involve families as full participants in the search for answers and recognize that the child is often listening, even when he or she appears inattentive. 

We reject one-size-fits-all strategies while including the broad range of diagnostic and treatment modalities that are appropriate to each patient. We look for ways to support nature’s strong impulse toward healing. We also value relational, occupational, physical, speech, educational, and other external therapies, many of which become far more efficacious once underlying biomedical conditions are addressed. While our focus is on biomedical interventions and chiropractic to restore optimal function, we look for opportunities to collaborate with our educational, behavioral, physical, and speech therapies and colleagues.